Day Forty-One

Officially, the Barbie movies are really terrible. Barbie Mariposa is not one I would recommend by any means. Oh how I love sparkly nail polish, Polly Pocket, bad Barbie Movies, baby pools, and Bitty Baby. My life is consumed by three little girls this week. I’ve heard the word ‘NO!’ more times then I could want to count. I did, in fact make them watch the last few minutes of the game today. They cheered on Spain with me despite the fact that they had no idea what Spain even was or what they were cheering for. It was an exciting moment. Spain was the team I planned on rooting for from the get go if somehow the world got confused and Brazil didn’t make it into the finals, which is was evidently happened. So I’m pretty pleased. Well, more than pleased. I’m pumped. I’m sorry German fans. I’m here for you despite the fact that you laughed at my pain when Brazil lost. If you need a hug, I am here. One day, it won’t hurt as much. You won’t get weepy when you watch soccer commercials. This first day will be difficult, but rest assured, you’ll make it through this.

Vamos Espana!


3 thoughts on “Day Forty-One

  1. Patrick says:

    Why do I get the feeling that this is directed toward me? I didn’t even get to watch most of it… We had to leave Prague on a night train to Krakow before the first half was even over… At least Germany didn’t lose to Switzerland in the group round…

    • Jennifer Lioy says:

      I’m sad for you that you still choose to respond with anything but love and kindness as I have shown you here. I understand if you’re still grieving but you don’t need to be hateful towards me because of it.

      Hope you’re having a blast. I still think you should hop across the pond to Spain for the final game. Pictures and a recap would be greatly appreciated, bro.

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