Day Thirty-Eight

Today was the first day I came dangerously close to not posting. Well, there have been days where I was very unmotivated to post but today I actually almost forgot. I can imagine how disappointed in myself I would be if that were to happen. I’m not actually sure what I would do. Maybe I’d post the next day and pretend I didn’t forget. I would more likely complain about it and then ditch this whole posting everyday thing. Let’s just hope I don’t forget.

I keep wanting to apologize for not posting better posts or something but I don’t currently care. I’m kind of exhausted. The next three weeks are going to be my busiest yet so be prepared for annoying posts with little to no substance. Until retreat, it’s kind of madness and I’m sure I’ll borrow my blog to do all the complaining I’m not able to do in person. I know you all are jumping for joy. I know I am. I’m in a very intolerant mood currently, which is my least favorite mood. I need some space. Large country-sized space would be great. Ideally, I would be on the edge of a space, far, far away, that has a lovely beach and rainy afternoons. Where the world turns blue, and the people are new (thanks again, Ingrid Michaelson) to another island, in another life.

I’m so annoyed with myself. Oi vey.


One thought on “Day Thirty-Eight

  1. bryanpineda says:

    Oh jennifer, I think only the ones who are so much more closer to you understand what you are gonna go through. I’m here when the whineing starts and ends. and when you cry and feel annoyed with yourself. that’s why uou have a holy spirit child by your side all the time. praying for your CONSTANT relief of stress and craziness which we all love.
    Love you Darling(:

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