Day Thirty-Five (Second Useless Post)

So, I was thinking about this whole phone blogging thing. It’s pretty cool, but honestly, it doesn’t seem to be of great use to me. But then, I thought of you guys, my lovely friends. And I know many of you guys miss my presence in your life all the time and sometimes you want to talk to me but you can’t seem to build up the courage to call me up and chat. It’s okay. I understand that sometimes you just need to hear my voice. So, what I’ve done is recorded a telephone blog of a phone conversation as if someone was talking to me. That way, you can have a conversation with me at any time of day without actually having to talk to me. Just talk in the silent spaces I’ve left for you and it’s like I’m on the other line.

Fantastic idea. No need to thank me. I am here FOR YOU.

Will someone please do me a favor and count the number of times I said “…aw, I’m so glad!” in that conversation. Please and thank you.


9 thoughts on “Day Thirty-Five (Second Useless Post)

    • Jennifer Lioy says:

      I actually thought about the predicament I might be placing upon people with this. I was kind of channelling a conversation with a girl as well, hence the number of “so’s” and “aw’s”. I might have to make a series of them with different conversation topics so cater to different people.

      • Jennifer Lioy says:

        I guess you can’t place a predicament upon someone. Rather, I meant to say “I actually considered the predicament I would be placing people in…”

        And by win, I mean fail.

      • bryanpineda says:

        Well jennifer, it was a fail. but a good fail. because it was with yo iphone. so i still love you. kinda sorta. but really. I love you loads.(:

  1. Julia Moen says:

    Thank God I never have to actually call you again.

    jusssst kidding….

    P.S. I feel like maybe it’s not incredibly ambiguous…. “people are so eager to meet people”

    You’re so annoying…I mean..awesome 🙂

    • Jennifer Lioy says:

      Contrary to popular belief, it’s not exactly easy carrying on a conversation with yourself, JU-LI-A, anticipating the amount of time it takes for someone to respond, and making it seem somewhat natural. I wish you would show a little more appreciation for my efforts.

    • Jennifer Lioy says:

      It took me way too long to figure out what you meant by that. But alas, I understand. Maybe on the next one I record I’ll have an obnoxious dinging noise at the completion of my part of the dialogue signaling that you have exactly thirty seconds (most of which your should fill to receive a ten on the good conversation scale) and then a second ding signaling that your thirty seconds is over where I will continue the conversation. Repeat.

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