Day Twenty-Eight

So, my feeling that I was born into the correct family was just confirmed by the text message I just received from my father, in regards to Italy’s standing in the World Cup:

“Check this out: if Italy plays to a draw and New Zealand plays to a draw, they will be tied in all respects, and the decision to move on is made by lottery. That’s crazy! It should be decided by food. Go Italia!”

To which I responded: “I think you should send your suggestion to FIFA. Pasta and meatball off!”
To which I received a “Go ravoili!” in return.



2 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Eight

  1. Patrick says:

    First France is out… Now Italy loses to Slovakia and is out… The former colinizers are not doing well! Germany advanced (and I was in a German bar to see it!)

  2. Jennifer Lioy says:

    What is the world coming to? I’m actually alright with Italy’s fail. Brazil/Portugal game was super boring. They might as well have not played a game at all. Annoying. That is seriously cool though that you were there and in a bar for that win. Classic. The quintessential and ideal German experience, I would think.

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