Day Twenty-Three

I have a problem.
It’s really not okay.
I’m addicted to internet shopping.
I wish I was kidding.
I sat down at my computer to play some music while I cleaned my unfortunate looking room over two hours ago.
I was distracted by an email from Urban Outfitters.
I’ve spent the past, oh, hour and a half now, looking at ridiculous Lomography and Holga 35mm film cameras.
Cameras and messenger bags are my weaknesses.
It’s really not okay.
I’ve researched the film each of them use and possible ways I can get my film developed when I buy one of these cameras.
Oh, I forgot about my button obsession.
You guys know about that though, right?
Well, sometimes I spend ridiculous amounts of money on buttons.
Well really, any amount of money spent on buttons is ridiculous.
It’s not okay.
They’re really cool buttons, if that makes it any better.
And I sew them on things. Really cool things.
Oh, and I forgot about stationary and planners.
So much fun.
I’m a freak.
I have a problem.

Now I will proceed to give you links to the amazingly distracting websites that stole a very good majority of my soul. Enjoy.

Four Corners Store
Turntable Labs
Urban Outfitters
Favorite Vintage Etsy Shop
Mary Anne Kluth
The Impossible Project
Super Rad T-shirt
Something I still have not viewed

If you could do your part to discourage this habit, I’d appreciate it. But really, how could I not pass up owning a 1980’s Polaroid Sun 600 Land Camera? Super cool, right?


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