Day Eighteen

Post for the day comes quite early because i’m not sure I’ll get a chance this evening as I am attending my Freshman Orientation today. Whoop. I’m kind of excited, or something. It’s early, so currently, feeling anything but tired is hard, but I guess I’m pretty excited. I guess this means that I’m actually done with high school and that I’m actually going to college. I was thinking about this last night at three in the morning, when I couldn’t fall asleep, that this is the very first chance I get to spend any amount of time with a group of people that are part of a very large group of people I’ll be spending (most likely) the next four years of my life with. My very first chance to make a first impression. My first chance to make big decisions on my own. It’s just like kindergarten when your parents push you out of the car door saying “play nice, make new friends, do your best, and we love you” except now you’re giving yourself the pep-talk. At least that’s the case with me. It’s more of a “try not to trip and fall in front of anyone, okay? Oh, and meet people, or something. Don’t forget your paperwork, dummy.” Funny. I’m pumped. And so it begins.


One thought on “Day Eighteen

  1. stphn plc says:

    you fell asleep after three in the morning and made it up for a 7:30 post? sounds like a school night, not a summer night. have fun tonight and let us know how it goes!

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