Day Nine

I wish I could accurately express my joy that this day, weekend, week, month, year, four years, and thirteen years of my life have come to a close. I just got home from the party. Just got home. I was very excited to beat my family home, crawl into my comfy bed, and sleep for a very, very long time and then remembered, as I walked into my room, that my bed is covered with ridiculous amounts of stuff. I documented the horror that is my room right now. I wish you could see the photographs, cut up paper, and glue sticks covering my floor. I snapped a picture of my presents too. Hope they were appreciated. I was proud of them regardless.

And now, bedtime.


2 thoughts on “Day Nine

  1. stinealicious says:

    I also have a massive amount of cleaning to do…so much that I started this morning, after grad night and before I went to bed -_-

    Jennifer, I appreciate you very much. I am thankful that you are in my life and hope you always will be. Just sayin.

    Nighty night, Jenalicious

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