Day Six

I’m kind of missing not naming my posts creatively. I might need to figure something out, switch it up a bit every once in a while. So, I think I’m relatively content with the current look and feel of Mr. Blogerino here. Initially, I thought that the selected typefaces were a tad too severe and this was a tad too complicated for my typically simplistic preferences, but it has kind of grown on me. Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate it.

I realize I’ve been posting quite a bit about summer. Summer plans, summer goals, summer goodness, etc. I realize that I’ve never opened it up to you all. So, I leave you with a challenge (or sorts). Reply to this post with your summer essentials. Your favorite part about these here months, things you automatically associate with summer, why summer is the bomb, and why you can get away with saying things like ‘summer is the bomb’ even though that’s an outdated expression and no one cares because it’s summertime. I’d love to know what everyone else’s summer music selections consist of since my taste in music goes quickly downhill once June hits. It’s as though the heat absorbs my generally good taste in music leaving me to appreciate Sugar Ray and TLC.


3 thoughts on “Day Six

  1. stphn plc says:

    that’s a lot of stuff you’re asking us to put in a comment… i’m not sure if I can handle such a challenge

    There are a few bands that I associate with summer, and one of them, the Elms, just released new music. Unfortunately, they released new music (a collection of unreleased songs, live songs, and covers) because they’re breaking up, but I still appreciate the perfect timing. They have quite a bit of music on iTunes, but the music they just released is not. If you want a good intro to their sound and their best summer album though, I would start with the Chess Hotel. Another band I associate with summer is Blind Pilot. They’re an acoustic/folky duo from Seattle, and I got their album two summers ago right before I went up to the west coast (it wasnt intentional, I just happened to discover them right before I left). Anyway I always think of a beautiful summer month spent at Puget Sound and a lakehouse in Idaho.

    And of course, I love the weather. That simple. Run around, exercise, cool off in a pool or on a shaded porch with some homies. or get a snow cone.

  2. Patrick says:

    Vampire Weekend and Weezer. Vampire Weekend is from Cape Cod, which I associate with beaches and family and good seafood. Weezer is… well Weezer.

    I like summer because I can do things like stay up until 2 reading or watching a movie, wake up at 7:30 and begin my day, take a 3 hour nap in the heat of the day and no one cares. Plus there are vacations which I always remember more fondly than they actually were (3 days driving to Massachusetts anyone?). And snow cones.

  3. Jennifer Lioy says:

    Sorry that was an overwhelming number of questions. You both handled it very well. Stephen, I checked out your suggestions and liked the Elms. I only listened to bits and pieces, but I dig their sound. Very summery, indeed. I really like Blind Pilot. I typically favor acoustic, folk sound over pretty much anything. I guess that’s what I was trying to say earlier. Sometimes people recommend music to me that seems like something I would like but I don’t enjoy its noisiness (for lack of better terminology). You’ve yet to do that though, so you know.

    Patrick, I’m going to give Weezer an honest chance seeing as I have never listened to them and you guys seem so fond of them. Maybe that was a bit understated. I did Vampire Weekend last summer so I might have to whip them out and give them a listen again. I didn’t buy the newest album ever because every time I’ve gone to buy it, I get distracted by the “Listeners Also Bought” on Itunes because it has all music I listen to: Grizzly Bear, Phoenix, Spoon, Bon Iver, and Animal Collective, all of which I’ve purchased instead of the Vampire Weekend album.

    Oh yeah, and snow cones rule.

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