Day Five

A lighter post is necessary today. I might choose to explain yesterday’s at some point. We’ll see. What you do need to know is that it was inspired by a conversation I had with a wonderful young lady who I hope reads this and will give me some constructive criticism. I don’t typically write poetry. Rather, I don’t ever write poetry. I wouldn’t exactly call that poetry by any means. The technicality of poetry it is too much for my clumsy style of writing to overcome and manage to emanate any kind of grace, which I feel was the case with my first attempt. Solid effort, that’s all I guarantee most days.

Yes, today is indeed June 1st. And if you thought, oh yeah, Jack Johnson’s new album came out today, you are my favorite person for the day. Congratulations! Gold star for you. I’m currently downloading it as I type this. I’m kind of beyond stoked. The most perfect summer music and summer-filled day. New Jack Johnson, sunburns, snow cones, and best friends: you make the hurt go away today. And for that, I owe you much more than just a snow cone.

I almost forgot! If any legit Jack Johnson fans want to spend thirty-five dollars to go see him in August, I’m your girl. I don’t want any of you wimpy, poser fans though who can sing the chorus to “Banana Pancakes” and that’s the extent of your Jack Johnson knowledge. Let me know, bros.


3 thoughts on “Day Five

  1. Emily Hart says:

    I am not 100% willing to say this is a true statement, but:

    I have no idea who Jack Johnson is…nor do I know any of his songs. But when I was a sophomore at DHS, Chambers Choir had to sing at the Life Skills Graduation and there was a “featured performer” there and Ben Hokamp and Boomer told me it was Jack Johnson. I never did find out if it actually was…but I will find out. Right now.

    I’ll let you know…then you can be jealous if it actually was him.

    • Jennifer Lioy says:

      That’s kind of really hilarious, Emily. And yes, I would be quite jealous if it’s the same guy. He’s a pretty big name, actually, but sometimes they do stuff like that. It’s probably more likely that the guest performer was singing a song by Jack Johnson, hence the mixup, but maybe it was him. Silly, silly.

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