Day Four

She sits alone in her sanctuary,
Lost in her thoughts of hope for better.
The monster stirs.
It breathes,
its presence known.
She is not afraid.

For the monster lurks,
but rarely hides.
A distraction,
her shield.
It hurts
but does not kill.
It might as well.

She’s come to learn it will always be
always see
always seek
always speak
the words,
those words,
of false justification.

She doesn’t need realization,
she knows her hesitation leads to desperation.
But the monster.
Her monster.
If she cared enough
maybe there would be hope in Reconciliation.

Sometimes she cries
But tears in vain;
false pain.
As she feels nothing
For she feels so much
that the feelings

She can’t pray.
Her unfailing,
Alone in her thoughts,
the monster in her story continues to thrive,
for the light,
her light,
ran away some time ago.
Someday soon, she will return.
When that day comes,
she’ll remember to be thankful to be alive.
Until then.
Until then.


2 thoughts on “Day Four

  1. victoriaelenasanchez says:

    That was beautifully heartaching. See, you do know how to write poetry. 🙂

    I love the words you’ve used, my dear. Good job 🙂

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