Day Three (Continued)

This just in.


5 thoughts on “Day Three (Continued)

  1. Julia Moen says:

    I…am…offended? F- on the Julia immitations (though I started nose-breathe-laughing during your immitation of that and it was funny). Irregardless, I enjoyed the whole spectacle. Valiant effort, minimal success. Or something. Imma have to buy that song to catch up to Jennifer’s progress. Thanks for having me…erm….yesh.

  2. Jennifer Lioy says:

    Valiant effort? Minimal success?
    Well, fack both of you. How do you feel about that, sucka?
    Prom baby.
    That’s awesome.
    Julia, you nose breath laughed in both the One Week video I did with you (which I might post sometime) and in the closet vid. So great.

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