Day One

I’m currently blogging in a relatively bizarre location. Well, it’s bizarre in that I’m kind of hiding on the floor, next to the bed in our hotel room amongst the hideous curtains and next to the monster air conditioner guy whose loud noises disguise the sounds of my typing. Bizarre in that I can’t say I’ve ever blogged here before.

Yes, my hair is straight, and yes, it is weird.
Anywho, I felt that I had to post tonight as it is officially my first day of summer. So, I’m sacrificing my comfort and risking my life (as you’ll see in the video, the wrath of sleepy Julia DiFiore is most definitely something to fear) to post this evening. Overall, a pleasant last day of high school. It was a bit bittersweet, actually. Painting in Rosin’s room for the last time today, something that has become so regular and normal for me this year, and something that has made my life undoubtedly more joy-filled, made me a tad weepy as I thought about all the other ‘lasts’ of my day. Last eating lunch in the orchestra room. Last walking with Julia up the staircase filled with the scariest of people. Last hoping desperately for someone to open doors for us. Last being greeted by the smiles of my beautiful friendfamily as a regular, daily thing. Sure I could list all of the lasts I’m excited to never have to experience every again, but I’d like to keep this post relatively cheery and reflective. So, not on that note, a ridiculous video. Sorry if it’s difficult to hear, m’dear friends. Love, love.


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