Dear team,

Some feedback would be nice every once in a while, friends. Thank you. I see every time you click and it hurts my feelings that no one ever says anything back to me. I feel like all of you have this very bizarre knowledge of me, and often some pretty personal information, but that I don’t know anything about you at all. Well, my blog doesn’t know you at all and would really like to. Please and thank you.

That’s what I call an epic fail. Good effort, except not really (;
Oh, and in case you were wondering, the sheer ugliness that is demonstrated by ninety percent of prom dresses made is quite hilarious. And by hilarious, I mean disgusting.


2 thoughts on “Dear team,

  1. stphn plc says:

    hooooooola My name is Stephen Place, I’m a senior at Denton High School, and I’m overcommitted.

    I’ve actually thought about starting a blog, but I think I’d rather just start some sort of diary instead. or maybe i could start a diary thingy and just post limited entries… anyway obviously I read your blog and I enjoy it very much! I must say that I was completely oblivious to the fact that I was hurting your feelings, and for this I sincerely apologize. I’ll be sure to comment in the future.

    Have a fantastic day!

    • Jennifer Lioy says:

      Personally, I think that you should start a blog, Stephen, even though your eloquent writing would probably make me hate myself. Not really, but really. Also, I appreciate you, very, very much. So you know.

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