A tad tardy, but enjoyable none the less.

We made this video in New York, and it’s rather unfortunate. Enjoy.

I have a more thought-provoking post in the works, but for the sake of my health, and yes I am once again under the weather, I’m going to wait until at least tomorrow to post because I need to go to bed mucho pronto. I miss you dearly, blog and blog readers. You all continue to mean very much to me. I hope you all are very pleased to hear I had a lovely week. The best days are the ones where you manage to have a wonderful day despite everything going badly. Let’s just say I have a few fabulous people in my life that make everyday a wonderful one. People like you never cease to amaze me. And when I say people like you, really, I mean just you. I don’t really know anyone else like you, so, I guess what I’m trying to say is that you never cease to amaze me. And let’s just say I don’t say things like that to just anyone. How’s that for not so cryptic? Occasionally I have bizarre bouts of confidence, and this week has been full of them. Feelin’ great, feelin’ grand, despite the snifflyness.


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