100th Post.

So, I wrote a blog post earlier today and then JUST realized that it was my one hundredth post! This is a wonderful occasion and I am happily posting from my very cosy bed in my cosy house, quite happy to be home from a fantastic and successful week. The following is my original post, but I felt like I should recognize this little milestone. Life’s too short to not celebrate the little victories. It’s a good thing I have King Kong party hats in my room. Pay no attention to my wild hair. I’ve been on a bus all day. Cut me some slack.

Happy 100th post, Mr. Blog.

I’m trying to write a blog post in every obscure, or out of the ordinary for me, place I visit. So, I am writing a post, while on the bus. I found a spot of wi-fi waiting to leave the convention center. Heading home and relatively ready to. If any of you Teen ACTS team-ers read this before commissioning tonight, know that I wish I could be there. I’m kind of really bummed I’m missing. I love you very much and hope to see you all very soon. Love, love, love.

This picture wasn’t actually taken on the bus, but I thought I’d look like a weirdo taking a picture of myself with a filled bus of people.


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