Not so awesome.

I just became overwhelmingly busy and have ridiculous amounts of design work to get done. Awesome freakin’ possum. When I fill out scholarship applications and it asks for my senior year course schedule, I’m relatively embarrassed by it. Sometimes I wish I could put ‘design work for various people and organizations that consumes more of my time then I spend actually sitting in school: fifth block” but I can’t. At least I’m not wasting away doing useless high school nonsense, eh? Most days, I don’t feel like I’m actually in high school, and I very much like it that way. Some days I want to pull my hair out and scream ”get me out!” but I stay too busy to really notice that high school is so much of a waste of time at this point. Maybe it’s my wanting to be older every minute of everyday that makes me this way. I feel like I should write a post explaining those feelings, but not now. Right now, I have work to do. I love that I make writing in my blog a priority, even though I had almost no views today. It has kind of become a very good friend. I feel like he, my blog, needs a name. An official name that I’ll refer to him with. I’ll think about it and let you know. Sometimes I wish I said things like ‘toodles’ so for now, toodles.


4 thoughts on “Not so awesome.

  1. so… I was going to say Machmoud! But then I didn’t know how to spell it, so I looked up Ahmadinejad to see how he spells his first name..but it is actually Mahmoud….. therefore… I don’t know how to spell Macmoud… or even if it is a name. So, yeah. You’re welcome for wasting minutes of your life with this useless comment.

    Mac(moud), Mac-moud, Mr. Bloggie Froggie……..

  2. Jennifer Lioy says:

    Macmood? Machmood? Machmoud? Macmoud? I think I like the last of my suggestions, for the spelling of my Mac, that is…not my blog. Stupid girl. Mr. Bloggie Froggie? Weirdy, you are indeed. My tab says “Bloggity Blog” but that’s not a name. I’m thinking Boris the Blog. Bob the Blog. Bobby the Blog. Bryce the Blog….[:

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