My morning in photographs

My current color phase is very evident in this picture. Red love. Twinnings English Breakfast Tea is superior to all others, so you know. My mug is from the Dallas Sicilian Festival and says “The core of everything Sicilian remains the family.” Isn’t that completely adorable? I love being Italian (and not just because of the existence of the cannoli, even though that’s a big reason).

Now the sky’s such a sweet blue You made this come true. My heart feels so new.
Its now wonderful to see beautiful views. Like skies that are so blue. I’ll never leave this you know!

I turn it off for this. Looks like we got what we wished. It snowed in Texas, but you missed the 1st time since ’86. And I can’t stop thinking of how wonderful this is.
And I’m sorry, I sound glad, but why always be so sad.

Now the sky’s such a sweet blue. You made this come true. My heart feels so new.

More to come as the day continues.

Well, my camera battery died, so, epic fail post. I really just needed an excuse to post my tea and snow pictures.


5 thoughts on “My morning in photographs

  1. Jennifer Lioy says:

    My adorable face and my extremely attractive morning hair. You’re the cooliest. And, so you know, I might, maybe, sort of, very unwillingly consider going to prom, but only because I love having a terrible time. It’s kind of my favorite thing to do, be miserable that is.

  2. In this situation what I should tell you is that you should do what you really think is best and of course I don’t want you to be happy and we’ll all miss you but you can stay home or do something fun. But this is not my actual attitude and I feel as though my real comment is that you should go to prom, let me worry about making people happy and organizing plans, you can complain to me as much as you want and have a miserable time. Because I am selfish and I want to see your adorable face at prom. The end. Thank you.

  3. Jennifer Lioy says:

    I guess that makes me selfish as well for putting my own contentment above everyone else’s feelings regarding my presence at that dreaded event. I’ll give it a “we’ll see” if that makes you feel better.

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