You are under the unfortunate impression that just because you run away you have no courage; you’re confusing courage with wisdom.

For the second time in a single day, I just deleted one of my posts. I don’t know why embarrassment has suddenly come over me because of one of my posts. Well, in all honesty, I do know why and it’s a very silly reason. And because I apparently have no ideas or thoughts to write of my own, here is yet again, something lovely someone else wrote that I am now sharing with you.

When I originally read this, it said “This is my wish for you:” and then proceeded to list all of the following things. For some reason, it reminded me of when the wizard pulls something tangible out of his bag to give to the tin man, the scarecrow, and the lion to represent very intangible things like a heart, a brain, and courage. Maybe it’s because I’ve been in a Wizard of Oz mood for some time, but, I liked the thought and now I’m going to run with it. So, keep that in mind as you read each of these which will very cryptically aimed towards a single person, and as the wizard does, I wish to give each of you something as special as a heart. Rather, my heart.

“As for you, my galvanized friend, you want a heart. You don’t know how lucky you are not to have one. Hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable.”

To you, my aurora borealis, comfort on difficult days.
To you, my sweet girl, smiles when sadness intrudes.
To you, my silly joy-bringer, rainbows to follow the clouds.
To you, my best friend, laughter to bring you glee.
To you, my newest, dear friend, hugs when spirits sag.
To you, my precious young man, sunsets to warm your heart.
To you all, friendships to brighten your being,
To you who fear, beauty for your eyes to see.
To you who doubt, faith so that you can believe.
To you who feel as I do, confidence for when you doubt.
To you who want to grow up too fast, patience to accept the truth.
To you who are lost, courage to know yourself.
To you, love to complete your life.


2 thoughts on “You are under the unfortunate impression that just because you run away you have no courage; you’re confusing courage with wisdom.

  1. bryanpineda says:

    We are both Feeling very “Listy” right now.
    Don’t ask me if that’s actually a word.
    1. you are my sunshine bringer, who lights up my day when i text you. sadly, it would be nicer if i could drive right?
    2. well, 2 was very funny….. then my browser closed. Darn Safari.
    3. More than Words.

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