Sufficiently Embarrassed by Myself

If you were one of the two people to read my now non-existant post, congratulations. To the rest of you, I apologize for having to delete it. I was far too embarrassed after proclaiming my super lameness via this blog. Personally, I thought it was pretty funny, but after some consideration, I realized that a picture of myself in a leopard-print Snuggie was far too much for the world to see today. I forget who looks at this thing sometimes and that it’s not just Julia Moen anymore.

Anywho, I hope you all are enjoying this lovely day. I kind of really love finding a nearly empty coffee house in the middle of the day. I love not having to compete for a place to plug my computer in and when it’s quiet enough to hear the music, which is always really good music by the way, and not be tempted to eavesdrop on conversations. Is it bad that sometimes I want to jump in a random person’s conversation, but with valid reason of course. One time, I was in this very coffee house and a person nearby had a Photoshop question that I completely knew the answer to, and those two people spend twenty minutes trying to figure it out while I had to hold myself back from trying to add some input, because I knew exactly what they needed to do. Or, one time on an airplane, a relatively old man was on a laptop and he was trying to connect to the internet and could not figure it out. I watched him for at least forty-five minutes, re-find the exact page he needed to be on until he finally found a help chat with the airplane internet provider when he finally figured it out. When is it proper to just approach the person without make it look like you were creepin’ on them or eavesdropping on their conversation. Sometimes, I just like to listen to people’s conversations though. I tend to do that often, which is probably not proper of me, but oh well. As Julia would tell me, “A lady never eavesdrops, Jennifer.” Silly, silly.


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