Lame-ness has never been so grand.

I’m very sorry to inform you all that there will not be a post written at two in the morning this evening like the past few nights. I’m going to be house-sitting in a no-internet zone. I know, I know, how will I survive the evening without my dear internet? I believe the bigger question is whether or not you all will be able to survive without another post from me this evening. I believe we will both survive this grand separation and I look forward to posting bright and early tomorrow. And by bright and early, I mean sometime tomorrow afternoon when I return to internetland. There is a chance I will be able to mooch on someone else’s connection nearby, which I’m not at all against, but if not, I bid thee farewell.

(This may in fact be the lamest post I’ve ever written. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing and laughing at my pathetic-ness.)

And even though she moved away,
we always get calls from our daughter.
She has eyes just like her father’s
they are blue when skies are grey.
And just like him, she never stops,
Never takes the day for granted,
works for everything that’s handed to her,
Never once complains.


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