Check out the band Fun. They’re quite…fun.

Many years ago, I was introduced to the band The Format. One of their songs titled First Single was kind of my anthem for years, for whatever reason. Their sound changed and I loved their music even more, so it was a sad day when they broke up  back in February of ’08, reason still unknown, at least to me. But, the stars aligned for me and my love of The Format, and the lead singer joined up with some other guys and started a new band interestingly titled Fun. (and yes, the punctuation is part of the band’s official name). I’ve been looking for a hard copy of their debut album for some time and have been miserably unlucky, until today when I stumbled across it at the library. I’m planning on renewing it over and over again until someone else goes looking for it or I get sick of it. The happening that made me want to write a post about it is the list of twenty-two people and the instruments and which songs on the album they played on. Only a spectacular band has instruments ranging from a trombone, oboe, accordion, calliope (which I had to look up because I didn’t even know what that was), to an array of stringed instruments AND gives each musician credit. I gain an immense respect for bands that

a. use actual musicians instead of simulated keyboard crap
b. gives them each credit.

Kudos, Fun. You rock. If you ever listened to the Format, or if you trust my taste in music, you should most definitely check them out. The song I’m concluding this post with is one of my favorites from the album, but most of their music doesn’t sound like this, so if you sort of like this, you should check out some others. Enjoy, hopefully.

Fun. Official Website

Slow down,
we’ve got time left to be lazy
All the kids have bloomed from babies into flowers in our eyes.
We’ve got 50 good years left to spend out in the garden
I don’t care to beg your pardon,
We should live until we die.

We were barely 18 when we’d crossed collective hearts.
It was cold, but it got warm when you’d barely crossed my eye.
and then you turned, put out your hand,
and you asked me to dance.
I knew nothing of romance, but it was love at second sight.

I swear when I grow up, I won’t just buy you a rose.
I will buy the flower shop, and you will never be lonely.
Even if the sun stops waking up over the fields
I will not leave, I will not leave ’till it’s our time.
So just take my hand, you know that I will never leave your side.


One thought on “Check out the band Fun. They’re quite…fun.

  1. regular reader says:

    dude I love Fun.!! I got their cd from the library about a month ago after checking out the clips on iTunes and have thoroughly enjoyed it! Once again nice taste in music

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