Long-winded day of posts, apologies.

You wrote, I laid
We dined on oysters and champagne
That’s what it seemed like
We connect in so many ways
So easy on my sake

New rain, says I
I wrote this song on my guitar
But it didn’t turn out right
Still we just connected in other ways
So easy on my sake

Why am I so shy around you?
Why am I so shy?
Why do I take care to astound you?
Why do I even try?

Some pretty song lyrics, from a pretty song, passed along to me from pretty, pretty, Pandora.
How accurate you are, music. How very, very, accurate.
I’m hoping my ridiculous number of posts will encourage you all to quit reading my incredibly useless and annoying blog.

Currently Listening to: My Ingrid Michaelson Pandora Radio Station playing Another Rainy Day by Corinne Bailey Rae


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