I changed the title of this post because everyone who searched those song lyrics was annoyingly reading my blog.

All day long, I have wanted to paint and do absolutely nothing else. It’s tragic that I only got to paint for an hour this morning during class. Sometimes, I want to paint the sky. Not paint a painting of the sky, rather, the sky itself. That may seem weird, or not. The weather has been so splendid and I cannot wait to sit outside in the sunshine and paint my  spring break away. Today was a great day. It’s wonderful having an awesome day, but being able to carry that joy on to the following day and knowing that no one can take that joy away from you is a wonderful feeling. I want to get used to this making my own happiness and not relying on others, or even allowing others and the actions of them, to dictate my happiness and contentment thing. It works well for me. I’m feeling overwhelmingly blessed again. Thank You. Thank you. Thank you all. Thank You.

Currently Listening to: Pretty Things by Jay Nash, Matt Duke, and Tony Lucca


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