Butterflies and Beautiful Believers

Somedays, inspiration is like snipe hunting. You try really hard to find it, and when you realize that it’s seemingly non-existant, you’re insanely disappointed. I guess that isn’t actually valid because inspiration does in fact exist, but snipes do not. Oh well, good attempt. Today, ¬†inspiration flew past me so obviously that there was no missing it. It came through the beautiful rainbows and stunning texas sky. It came through life-changing melodies and meaningful song lyrics. It came through the words of dear friends. It came tonight through the smile of someone who makes my heart beat so fast that I’m worried the butterflies in my stomach might be alarmed and fly away, even though he has no idea. It, they, them, and he all make me filled and fulfilled again with inspiration and creativity to warm my heart and bring a radiant smile to my face. I want to paint. I want to create. I want to cry and laugh and dance and feel goofy, giddy, glee-filled, and googly. I want to be me and be alive, and that, my friends, is exactly where I am and where I want to be. Today, I don’t desire to be twenty-three, to look any different, to be loved anymore, or to be anyone but the very best version of myself. I am good enough.

Sometimes, inspiration and joy come when it is least expected: amidst a storm.

To those of you who have subscribed to my RSS feed, I apologize for updating this post so many times. I forget that it usually sends another email every single time I push that update button. I keep having more and more to say. It was kind of a big two days. Apologies.

Currently Listening To: This is Me by The Rocket Summer from the album Calendar Days


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