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Get me back. Get me back to New York. She’s got something I’m looking for.

UPDATE February 5, 2013
It seems many people (maybe you?) have stumbled upon this very old post in the past few weeks searching lyrics heard in this sweet little commercial. You’ve come to the right place! I’m happy to inform you that they are the lyrics to this song by Greg Holden. I came across Greg’s music in September of 2009 when he opened for Ingrid Michaelson at the House of Blues in Dallas. I’ve been a fan ever since, and even had the privilege of being one of his Kickstarter campaign supporters and helped fund the making of his album I Don’t Believe You.

Photo on 2013-02-05 at 22.36 #2

I’m really rooting for Greg because he’s an incredible musician and a fantastic songwriter. I hope you’ll listen, fall in love with, and buy his music. The song “She’s Got Something” from the commercial is from an early EP called Sing for the City. And if you’re a fan of Phillip Phillips and his song “Home,” you might be happy to learn that Greg Holden co-wrote the song with Drew Pearson. To hear Greg play “Home” way before Phillip Phillips got his hands on it, click here. I personally think both versions are fantastic.

And if you still aren’t convinced to check out any of Greg’s music, you should know that he’s friends with a big bunch of incredible musicians living in New York and occasionally they make incredible music together. Here’s Greg with Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino of the newly named A Great Big World who were featured just last week on Glee for their song “This is the New Year,” which is crazy big for them as well. I love them all so much.

He makes a cameo in their adorable video for the song. Crazy world of connections, and that’s just one example. Greg also has videos with Leila Broussard, Julia Nunes, and Katie Costello among others. It’s a crazy talented bunch. Trust me, you want to go on a Greg Holden video-watching binge because he has some pretty amazing work out there.

This recording for The Voice Project is one of my all-time favorites. Greg Holden doing a cover of my other favorite Greg. Doesn’t get any better, folks.

Anyways, I hope you’ve been fully convinced to listen to Greg. I imagine you’ll find him talented, endearing, a beautifully sincere in everything he does. Thanks for reading!

Back to my original post that, in actuality, has very little to do with the incredible Greg Holden.

On Sunday afternoons, I read the arts section of the New York Times. Sometimes I pretend like I live in New York and I plan out my events for the week. I check out which exhibits I absolutely can’t miss. What festivals are coming. It’s so disappointing when I realize  that I do not in fact live in New York and can’t walk across the street to that cute bakery and enjoy a cup of tea and a hand-piped cannoli.

How very disappointing.
I’m suffering from a major case of New York envy.
Maybe someday.



One thought on “Get me back. Get me back to New York. She’s got something I’m looking for.

  1. So much wonderful music-making togetherness! Greg also has a connection to Ingrid Michaelson…all of the best people! Your original post makes me very very much go to NYC. Now? School’s probably not important, right? haha 🙂

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