I’m not conceited

An undeniable sign that someone is conceited is when they begin a conversation, story, or blog post stating that they’re not conceited and that the following story, post, or conversation is going to make them seem very conceited, for the valid reason that they are indeed conceited. Yes, that was a single sentence. Among being conceited, run-on sentences are also among my many skills. That being said, I’m not conceited, but, sometimes I’m convinced that my taste in music is superior to all others’. So, I decided it would be well worth the world’s time to have a general list every once and a while of the music I’m currently listening to. So that what I’m going to do. I realized the other day how many amazing musicians there are and how many are waiting to be discovered. The same with artists. I think people who pursue careers as musicians and artists are very ambitious and brave. I get really excited when I find a relatively unpopular musician that I really love. I tell everyone I know about them and then get excited when I share great music with someone. It’s awesome. I don’t remember where I was going with all of this. Oh, so on the quest to provide success for the underdog musician, I will at random post playlists of music that I’m listening to currently so you can applaud me for my superb taste in music, and I get to endorse a talented musician who would love another fan. Some of them are going to be relatively popular musicians. I’m not so indie sometimes. It’s all a lie. Not really, but really. I guarantee there will be no Lil’ So and So’s or any of that crappy popular nonsense. If I remember, I’ll put the song I’m listening to when I write the post at the end of every post, because I’m always listening to something if i’m on my computer. Enjoy.

Jamie Cullum I Think, I love from the album The Pursuit (one of my all time favorite songs by this guy is called All at Sea by the way, if you’d like to check out some of his old stuff)

Ian Axel Leave Me Alone from the album This is the New Year

Grizzly Bear Southern Point from the album Vekatimest

Matt Duke Sex and Reruns from the album Kingdom Underground

Mirah Words Cannot Describe from the album You Think It’s Like This But Really It’s Like This

Anya Marina Waters of March from the album Slow and Steady Seduction

Lisa Hannigan I Don’t Know

Greg Holden Serendipity from the album Sing for the City

The Rocket Summer – Of Men and Angels and Tara, I’m Terrible from the spectacular album Of Men and Angels (if you’d like to hear some music I listed to when I was eleven, and still listen to seven years later because I still love it, not because it’s funny like NSync or Christina Aguilera, you should check out his very first albums. Calendar Days is currently in my stereo as we speak. It’s a very different sound, but very rad)

Feist – I Feel it All

Allie Moss – Corner from the album Passerby

Spoon – Written in Reverse from the album Transference

Eric HutchinsonOkay, It’s Alright With Me from the album Sounds Like This

Currently listening to: Pandora Radio Norah Jones Station which is playing Georgia On My Mind by Ray Charles


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