Today is February Ninth, Two-thousand and Ten

And I’m officially done being in high school. I’m ready for new people. I’m ready for new experiences. It’s an exciting feeling, but a bit frustrating seeing as I still have a few months left. My motivation level is nearing the very bottom, and not only in school. Some days I have no motivation to even be alive and living. It’s not a creepy ‘you need to be concerned with my feelings’ sort of a thing, just that there are days where I feel like I could skip living for a single day and not miss anything. I know that’s a rather morbid or useless way to live, and Mr. Mairs would certainly frown upon it, but it is what it is. I guess I’m frustrated with where I am and I’m eager for new things. Maybe I’ll try a little harder to spice things up now, and not waste away waiting for June to come. I’m excited, but relatively impatient. Not relatively, extremely impatient.


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