Because I can’t ever get to this post unless it has a title

Have you ever done something so naturally that it didn’t take even a bit of second guessing, then realized, had it been someone else, anyone else, it easily could have happened completely differently? That’s really vague, but I’m not sure how else to put it. The other day, I was sitting in a coffee shop and i got up to grab a fork or something and I saw a wallet on the ground, that someone had obviously dropped without knowing it. Naturally, I grabbed it, took it to the counter, told them I found it, and that was that. The owner of the wallet came in while I was there after receiving a call that his wallet was found, and was completely elated to have it back. The fact that I got to see him happy made my day, just knowing that I had a part in bringing him this happiness that he was showing. I realized, had it been someone else, the situation might not have gone exactly the way it did. When did it become more likely for someone to find and wallet and steal it then to just return it? When did we have to constantly worry that our cell phones were going to be taken out of our bags when we set them down? When did we start always thinking that people are innately bad and selfish. I like to think that I don’t feel that way, but I always lock my car, worry about my violin locked away in my locker, and am constantly concerned that if my house were to be broken into, I would lose my computer and my camera among many other valuable things. It’s sad that no one can be trusted and anyone could be a possible thief.

Oh, and today I went into that same coffee house, and at the counter was a bright pink notecard that said

“To the girl who turned in the wallet tuesday, thank you. Please leave your name and number.”

Made my day.


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