Down to here, down to there. Long beautiful hair.

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Was my hair really this short a mere three years ago? Really? Are you sure? I guess to say that high school is four years of transformation would be obvious. I really like it that way. In the opening scene of Five Hundred Days of Summer, the narrarator says that Summer has ever only loved two things. The first, her long dark hair. And the second, how easily she could cut it off and feel nothing. I really love this. I suppose it’s supposed to be commentary on her love of being uncommited to anything, everything, and anyone. I like it because it reminds me of how when we grow and learn, we shed certain parts of our being, and feel nothing. Other times, it’s not so easy. Sometimes we have to make a choice to rid ourselves of negative traits, beliefs, and even influences. I hope in these four years I’ll look back and be proud of the young woman I have grown to be. It’s all about balance, right? Balance for me would be something like this:

Shed immature annoyance and gained maturity.
Shed self-doubt and insecurity and gained confidence.
Shed pessimism and gained honest optimism.
Shed self-hatred and gained love.
Shed the relationships that held me back and gained understanding.
Shed my life of bad habits and gained knowledge or self-control.
Shed barriers in my faith and gained a step closer to the relationship I will continue to long for.
Love, love, love to all.
Also, a year in reflection blog will be in the very near future.


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