I wrote this around this time last year and just stumbled across it on my old blog. I thought I’d share it. I edited and added a few things, but it mostly remains the same.

Christmas through the eyes of Jennifer Lioy is looking through the eyes of a simple girl who wishes only to be loved and to give love as well, more than anything else. Christmas to her means a time of rest. A time to clear her head. To think. To re-prioritize the things that mean absolutely anything to her. Christmas means enjoying the warm cinnamon smell in department stores, feeling bitter about having to engage in the ridiculous process of Christmas shopping, then feeling guilty later about hating the process so much. Christmas means spending time with the family. Blasting Christmas music and wishing to take advantage of every opportunity to engage in some activity that is in anyway Christmas related. It’s re-centering. It’s realizing. It’s remembering what matters, who matters. Christmas is watching the Wizard of Oz and toasting mini-marshmallows in the fireplace. Is having enough time to knit a scarf, and actually finish one. Christmas is remenicing about the good old days and getting weepy after reading the “Christmas Memories Book” her mom writes in every year. Crying happy tears remembering how wonderful each of those moments were. It’s the going to Mass during Advent and hearing the homilies that make you reconsider the way she’s living her life. It’s the purple and pink candles. It’s family and the friends who, in some sense, are family and the joy seeing each of there faces brings her. Christmas is making hideous cookies with way too many sprinkles. It’s the way the lady working at target who wishes her ‘A Merry Christmas’ has the power to make her day. It’s the constant sound of the salvation army bell ringing sounds of hope for better days. Christmas for her means the joy she has when she feels the aura of joy radiating from the normal regularly solemn people and the way the world completely transforms. It’s living as a Christian, fully and completely, reminding her what she’s missing the rest of the year and what she should do to live that life every single day for the rest of her life. It’s the simple things like getting waved on at a stop-sign, the smiles of strangers, the laughter, the love. Christmas is looking at Christmas lights and telling the people in your life that you love them over, and over, and over again, so that there’s no doubt in their mind that you feel any different. It’s the overwhelming feeling of love.

Give Love.
Receive Love.
Show Love.
Merry Christmas.

Love is a Place – E.E Cummings

love is a place

& through this place of love

move (with brightness of peace)

all places yes is a world

& in this world of yes live (skilfully curled)

all worlds

This is my dream.


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