Growing excitement.

And this, my friends, is why I absolutely love Bryce Avary of the Rocket Summer.

“This record is, I don’t even know where to begin with it, because it’s been such a long process. I started making the record, well when I started to write it, I was in a completely different place than on Do You Feel.  On Do You Feel there was a lot of sunny excitement; everyone at are record label was talking it up, saying how huge it was going to be, and then our A&R guy got fired about two months after the release and then everything just stopped. No more.

And so it was just a weird year to go through, but it was meant to be because it really brought me close to G-d and it really made me realize what I was doing this for. I’ve always kind of known why, but I no longer wanted to try to make a record that would play on pop radio, I wanted to make a record in the mind set that I don’t care what happens to it; I just want an album filled with emotion. So I just really put a lot into these songs and made a record that I want people to walk away from and think that it by far the most substance filled Rocket Summer album. And I actually think I made the best one yet because of that. Overall there were a lot of struggles with the record and I think that comes out a lot in the album; just a lot of faith building in life in general. It was just a year of desert times, but moments of time where there was just; just good rain. It’s very honest; it’s a very spiritually charged record, but it’s also just very honest. Life isn’t candy canes.”

So, yes, I do in fact love him. Here’s the link to the rest of the interview. Brilliance. Sheer brilliance. SHREDnews


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