Oh Greg, Beautiful Greg.

I wouldn’t normally write an entire post endorsing a musician, however, I’m making an exception to share with the world, the beauty that is Mr. Greg Holden. I had the pleasure of spending my evening in the presence of some truly great musicians last tuesday night. Ingrid Michaelson, accompanied by her terrific band, was much more amazing than I could have ever imagined, but the real surprise was the beautiful man who opened for her. From his voice, to his lyrics, to his lovely accent, to his face (yes, his face), everything about him is completely fenomenal. I bought his newly released EP last week-ish before the concert and couldn’t help but buy his full album after the show (mostly because I wanted some amazing music for Victoria and I to listen to on the drive home). I haven’t listened to anything else, and to be completely honest, I haven’t been this excited about finding a musician that I love like this since Mr. Bryce Avary of the Rocket Summer (who is playing a show on Thanksgiving, by the way). And if you know me even a little bit, you would know how big of a deal that is.  Anyways, I’m sorry to report that I am refusing to burn copies of his music because he’s still trying to make it as a musician and I want to see him succeed and not be a starving artist. I would, however, be willing to listen to it with you [: and I have a feeling that if you look him up, check out the links I’ll stick at the bottom of this, and watch the video I’ll attach as well, you’ll feel compelled to spend a bit of your well earned pennies to support an amazingly real and talented musician. I hope you’ve enjoyed my blabbering, or gushing, really about this young man. I really do wish you would check it out and let me know what you think. Have a joy-filled week.

   From Music Reviewing/Artist Endorsing Site in the UK called
       This is Not TV

“With a huge influence from older artists such as Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash to more recent writers such as Damien Rice and Ray Lamontagne, Greg Holden’s music has been described as “Soulful”, “Melodically Beautiful” and “Incredibly Genuine”. In today’s music world, being original is almost an impossibility, the market is over-crowded with every sort of music genre imaginable. That doesn’t mean that you can’t sing from your soul, it doesn’t mean you can’t believe in what you are writing about and it doesn’t mean you can’t play from your heart. This is something that Greg Holden does well and anyone who has seen one of his live performances will tell you the same.”

Oh Greg, Links:

Greg Holden Review

Greg Holden Official Website

Greg Holden Blog


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