Tuesday Sunshine

I was beyond elated to get home to a smiling doggy who greeted me at the front door. He was more than anxious for his afternoon walk and my day was made immeasureably better to feel the warmth of the beautiful sunny afternoon. Xuxu walked across out front yard and just sat down in the grass. Luckily, I had my camera handy, so I grabbed it and snapped a few pictures of him basking in the sunshine. He’s currently snoring under my blankets at the foot of my bed.

Challenge for the week: Tell something that you love them and simply appreciate their prescence. If you don’t have a pet, tell the beautiful tree you pass on your way to school that inspires your creativity, the novel you’re reading that challenges a thought, an inanimate object that makes you smile. Think of the things that bring you happiness, and be thankful for them.


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